Banned Books Week: Wrap-Up

So, here it is: the end of Banned Books Week. We’ve discussed a variety of topics and hope that our readers are inspired to join the conversation or check out some of the books we’ve recommended. But now it’s time to get a little introspective and think about our own histories with Banned Books Week. Was this the first year we really engaged with Banned Books Week? Have we seen library or school displays of banned books? Do we celebrate by baking a banned book cake and reading Huckleberry Finn out loud?

Dorothy: A banned book cake sounds delicious, dang, I wish I’d thought of that. Unfortunately I don’t celebrate that exuberantly. I do remember displays of banned books in the school library as early as elementary school, though- Harry Potter always crowning the shelf. I think it’s great, educational, and very thought-provoking for kids to know that people out there want to control what they are allowed to read and experience. I would definitely celebrate Banned Books Week with my kids if/when I have some.

Madeleine: I love celebrating Banned Books Week. I usually grab my favourite “banned” books off my shelves and start re-reading them, or at the very least I give them some kind of shout-out on social media. More than that, I also make a point to thank my parents for never ever denying me the chance to read whatever book I wished. Freedom to read whatever one wishes is a luxury taken so often for granted, and this week is always a great reminder of that. Alas, while I am no baker — though, seriously, a banned books cake sounds like a great idea — I did, funnily enough, listen to an audiobook recording of Huckleberry Finn (as narrated by Elijah Wood) during September, so I guess I checked that one bit off the list!


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