Happy November, everyone!

You may have noticed that we were awfully quiet for the month of October, especially given our flurry of posts to celebrate Banned Books Week. Well, that was all in preparation for this month, which we are devoting to a special theme here at Backroom Whispering Productions.

In honour of the spirit of Thanksgiving here in America, in which most of our country exists in a spirit of “thankfulness” and, well, gorging on copious amounts of food followed by an insane amount of low-priced shopping — but let’s focus on that thankfulness, shall we? In honour of this grateful spirit, a bunch of us here at BWP wanted to take a brief moment out of our time to say thank you to authors we love. So, each new post this month will be one Whisperer saying thank you to an author that had some kind of impact on them.

We hope you enjoy our little shoutouts to various literary giants, living or dead, whom we love and admire.



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