Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson —

Many an idle moment;
And many a long night
Have I spent reading a book of yours:
Works of art, instructing me about
Love, honor, hope, redemption,
Heartbreak, betrayal, loss, forgiveness.

Every world of yours is uniquely crafted,
From the breathtaking storms of Roshar,
To the mists that envelop and protect Scadrial.

I will always remember:

The awesome beauty of the Shattered Plains,
The thought of which stirs some deep longing in my heart;

The first time a fantasy novel brought me to tears,
When I reached the climax of The Way of Kings;

How Words of Radiance got me through my comprehensive
exams in Graduate School;

Warbreaker, the first step in a grand adventure with an
amazing book club;

Breathlessly finishing that tome, A Memory of Light,
A thousand pages for a battle!

And Mistborn, the gift that keeps on giving: a meditation on
politics, religion, and hope that continues to inspire me.

Thank you, good sir ! Here’s to many more memories!



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