II. Editorial Department

Backroom Whispering Production employs a dedicated group of Staff Writers and Editors who work diligently on scripts for podcasts in all stages of production. They are managed directly by the Dorothy McQuaid and Louisa Mitchell.



Haley Campbell received her BA in English from the University of Mary Washington. She currently works for a science journal in Washington, DC, and spends a lot of time thinking about public transportation, queer identities, and moving to a different state. Haley’s experience led her to be selected to edit the pilot episode of Pycera.

David Kordesh is an avid fantasy reader and world-builder. He is especially good at spotting would-be plot holes and congruency issues when it comes to lore, character personality, etc. Outside of whispering in the back room, he is currently a security guard with experience in the medical field and is looking to become a nanny (better hours, nicer people). He is currently writing a steampunk superhero story with his wife, Rebecca Kordesh.


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Rinske Verberg
(32) is a writer, yarn artist, gardener, living room dancer and unapologetic geek. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 27 forced her to reinvent her whole life. This has since proven to be an invaluable gift and an unexpected source of inspiration. The power of vulnerability, the struggle to determine one’s own worth, and the mysterious interconnectedness of all life, are recurring themes in her work. Rinske lives with her boyfriend Dirk and cat Mina in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In between bouts of crochet and copywriting work, she is currently finishing her first novel.



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