I. Executives

316874_10151287360246502_1657849413_n.jpgPRODUCER:  Madeleine Cassier firmly believes that sleep is overrated and the idea of having a “social life” is optional. Bred and raised on a constant stream of media, it’s no wonder she decided to go major in Digital Video & Cinema from James Madison University’s prestigious School of Media Arts & Design, while also minoring in English and selling her devotion to the Marching Royal Dukes as flutist and piccoloist. She even vanished to London for her final semester, and spent that time consuming copious amounts of coffee with an independent film production company. She currently works as a Creative Producer in Richmond, VA, while also freelancing her video editing skills to clients in the area. In her nonexistent free time, “Mad” is known to write scripts, edit short films (and lots of fanvids), read and review books both for fun and sometimes for publishers, and fling heavy things around at the gym. Madeleine manages the Creative Department with Rebecca Jones as well as the BWP blog and is also a Staff Writer for BWP.

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Rebecca Jones Kordesh was a pathological liar as a child and was encouraged to channel this rather unpleasant character trait into productive storytelling, which she did happily. She finds absolutely everything in the world to be inspiring. She defines herself as a reader, writer, and lover of all things good and beautiful. Rebecca currently resides in South Bend, IN, with her husband and three adorable cats. Rebecca manages the Creative Department with Madeleine Cassier and is also a Staff Writer for BWP.

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HEAD WRITER:  Louisa Mitchell is a lifelong musician and writer, though her career has thus far focused on neither. She is currently studying for her Masters of Education and trying to find enough uses for the hundreds of asian pears growing just outside her apartment. Louisa manages the Editorial Department with Dorothy McQuaid.



Dorothy McQuaid is a full-time tree hugger and part-time bibliophile. She enjoys podcasts, books, trees, travel, family, pizza for breakfast, and punching things. She is excited to see where this podcast goes. She manages the Editorial Department with Louisa Mitchell and handles the BWP official Facebook page.

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Shelly Bagchi - Headshot

CHIEF AUDIO ENGINEER:  Shelly Bagchi is a soon-to-be-former Masters student at Georgia Tech studying Robotics.  In her downtime, she enjoys crafting (knit, crochet, and cross-stitch), lots of reading, playing board & video games, and being a part of online fandom communities. Shelly manages the Audio Department, is the official BWP Twitter-Goddess, and is also a Staff Editor for BWP.

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