IV. Social Media Department

Our Social Media endeavours are spear-headed by Dorothy McQuaid, with assistance from numerous other BWP staff members; the BWP blog is managed by Madeleine Cassier. We also consider our Special Correspondents an important part of our social media arm, given they not only provide international perspective, but also international exposure.


552353_3422252960261_735548649_nWeb Content Contributor
Akhilesh Pillalamarri is an international relations analyst, writer, journalist, political scientist and historian. When not writing at The National Interest and The Diplomat, Akhi spends his time as a confirmed nerd reading and collecting books, studying maps and geography, participating in sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, playing strategy and RPG games, listening to music, cooking/trying new foods and beverages, and traveling.  Akhilesh is also a Staff Editor for BWP.

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Web Content Contributor: Sara Bachouros is an occasional contributor to The Book Table. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, she currently lives in Saitama, Japan, where she teaches English to high school students. When she’s not desperately trying to catch up with the latest book club novel, she can be found organizing street fashion events, binge-watching TV, or trying new restaurants.




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