New Book Table Episode: Shadowshaper

In this episode we discussed Shadowshaper, a great urban fantasy YA novel! Our whisperers pretty much loved it overall.

Spoilers start at about 24:12.

22295304This episode will also be available on YouTube.

In this episode you heard from:
Dorothy | @bwp_dorothy
Louisa | @otterbewriting
Sara | @fantasticpiggy
Shelly | @shllybkwrm

Daniel José Older can be found at his website and on Twitter.

You can find his video “Why We Don’t Italicize Spanish” that we mentioned on YouTube.

Don’t forget to check out Louisa’s blog post on The Importance of Being Bennie!

And here is Sara’s Patchwork art!


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The Importance of Being Bennie


Louisa Mitchell
Head Writer, Pycera


Imagine the typical plot line of a modern YA fantasy.

You’ve got it, right?

Teen discovers they have mystical powers. Teen tries out said mystical powers. Teen is shocked, amazed, maybe a little scared. Teen doesn’t want to go to the adults in their life; they definitely wouldn’t understand. So Teen gathers their courage and decides to tell their best friend what happened — you know, the friend they’ve known forever? The one who casually talks to their parents and knows where all the dishes go at their house? That friend. Teen tells that friend what’s going on, and that friend responds…how?

“You’re crazy.”

“You’re kidding.”

Or maybe, nervously, “Teen, maybe we should get you some help.”

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