The Book Table

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One of the two flagship productions of Backroom Whispering Productions, The Book Table is a round table-style, discussion-based podcast that ruminates on book-related topics decided upon in advance of recording.

These topics range from book reviews to discussions on themes and issues related to the book world, as well as shorter episodes that we call “Writers’ Nook.” Initially begun for November’s National Novel Writing Month — wherein available regulars and special guests of The Book Table who participated in NaNoWriMo gave brief 5-30 minute chats about their own experiences, they quickly expanded to cover many other topics relating to writing.

Regular episodes of The Book Table last for approximately one hour and are edited by our Chief Audio Engineer, Shelly Bagchi. The primary participant discussion members of The Book Table are Shelly Bagchi, Madeleine Cassier, Rebecca Jones, Dorothy McQuaid, and Akhi Pillalamarri.  The Book Table theme music is by Mark Wayne.

The Book Table can be found on:

Stitcher Radio
or via RSS


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